WeSafe Sanitary Pads

Products :
WeSafe Ultra Thin Regular
WeSafe Ultra Thin Regular with Wings
WeSafe Ultra Thin Super Long with Wings
WeSafe Ultra Thin Overnight with Wings

WeSafe Sanitary Pads are a great decision when you begin spotting toward the start of your menstrual cycle or towards the end. These WeSafe Sanitary Pads take away the worry of recoloring your clothing and you don’t need to endure the bother of wearing sanitary pads too. These undies liners are milder and a considerable measure littler than the usual sanitary pads. These WeSafe Sanitary Pads are a phenomenal and reasonable alternative to wearing on the days that you are spotting.

WeSafe Baby Diapers

WeSafe Ultra soft hot bond non-woven fabric is tender to baby skin
Wide stretch waist band to easily fit on back that newborn babies could move freely
Breathable back film with corduroy cotton sheet
Parents highly speak newborn diapers for babies